Chris wanted a special sink for his outdoor kitchen that could double as an easily accessible cooler, for all their entertaining. Cheryl had a commercial flattop griddle a relative had given her, and wanted to incorporate it into her dream outdoor kitchen for large family gatherings.

For years, designers strived to bring the outdoors indoors with large windows, French doors and sliders. Now, as outdoor kitchens have gained in popularity, it’s the reverse.  “We look to bring the indoors out,” says builder Jeff Sanderson of Whitney Blair Custom Homes.

One way people are doing that is by bringing appliances that had once been thought of as an “indoor appliance” and adapting it for outdoor use.

“We get more and more requests for appliances, everything from range hoods to burners to blenders,” says Jennifer Robbins of Backyard Specialists in Wilmington, NC. “I’ve actually had to talk a client out of an appliance because the installation would’ve messed up a beautiful piece of granite.”

It starts with a range hood. Brands like Broan, Blaze and FireMagic all make outdoor-specific range hoods, which add a polished look but are also functional and add a safety element. Outdoor range hoods evacuate smoke, soot and grease that could accumulate on walls and on the ceiling that not only can become unsightly, but can also become a fire hazard.

Another functional element is a side burner. Lynx, FireMagic, Blaze and Lion all make great looking side burners of varying sizes for everything from cooking a béarnaise sauce for your steak over on the grill to boiling lobsters in a huge pot.

If you’re going to have a burner and plan to do boils, don’t forget to add an Alfresco pot filler.

Other accessories that people add to their outdoor kitchens include refrigerators, ice makers, trash receptacles and built-in blenders.

Some items even have environmental applications. “If people are beer drinkers, I really try to talk them into a kegerator,” Robbins says. “It can really cut down on waste” from beer cans and numerous trips to the store.

Not only do all these items create a “wow” factor that your friends and neighbors will love and make your backyard the neighborhood hot spot, but it creates a functionality that makes your outdoor kitchen the gathering place in your home for your family.

In both Chris’ and Cheryl’s cases, they found that a custom-made HDPE outdoor kitchen from Werever Outdoor Cabinetry was the solution because it gave them exactly what they needed to make their dream outdoor kitchen a reality. If you’d like to explore how to make your outdoor kitchen a reality, for FREE product samples, or FREE design help, check out, call (888) 324-3837 or email

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