“I was very impressed with the whole process. Whitney our designer was the best, and from start to finish was very helpful and professional. I won’t only use y’all again, but will recommend your cabinet and services to others.”

— Jess S, Macon, GA


What is the Process Like?

Meet Jason and Whitney, two of our Outdoor Kitchen Designers, here to help you every step of the way.

Whether you’re just sketching out ideas on a napkin (yes, that happens) or you provide your own CAD drawings (yes, that happens too), rest assured that every question you have will be answered, and every concern laid to rest.  You’re never in this project alone.

Best of all, this pressure-free, custom outdoor kitchen design service is FREE… compliments of Werever!


“We are very happy with the cabinets and its quality. The design support was better than I got when we redid our inside kitchen.  Outstanding.  We love it.”

-- Steven I., Smithtown, NY


Everything is Made to Order

Learn why our approach to outdoor kitchens is different than others’.

We start with high-quality Werever HDPE outdoor cabinets that are customized to your exact specifications — usually at no additional cost — so you’ll never have to make an out-of-box, store-bought cabinet work in your space.  It’s made in the USA, we do it fast, and we ship it free!

Jason and Whitney explain more…


“Jason was amazing… would totally recommend your product and staff. I am extremely happy with our outdoor kitchen.”

— Peter & Denise B., East Setauket, NY


Emotional Connections

We know an outdoor kitchen is not just an investment in your home… it’s an investment in a new way of life.

It’s why we’re proud to put our personal touch on creating the perfect place for you and your family for years to come.  When we say “lifetime,” whether it be product, service or enjoyment, we truly mean it.

Jason and Whitney talk about some of their favorite outdoor kitchen projects, and why they love doing them, here…


“Hurricane Irma was the reason I went looking for a livable, waterproof alternative for my wood cabinets which were completely destroyed by the rising water. I could not be more satisfied. The staff treated me like I was one of them… I am very happy!”

— Dolf D., Fripp Island, SC